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The growing nomadic sub-culture

Ryan Jones works for a big corporation located in Switzerland. He uses to blog about marketing, society and culture. He recently visited a coworking space in Stuttgart, Germany. This visit inspired him the following post :Life after the cubicle

In today’s working world, you just might wake up one day and find yourself in a digitally nomadic sub-culture, mingling with entrepreneurs who work out of high tech back packs instead of high rise offices.

The term digital nomad has been around for quite a while.  Forward thinking authors have prophesied about the totally mobile worker for at least 20+ years.  With mobile technology rapidly advancing & companies becoming more open & flexible, we’re just now starting to see “digital nomadism” leak out into the mainstream.

Inspiration, Tribes & Space on Demand

Crazy companies like Hubculture, Worksnug or The Hub are springing up to support the rising digitally nomadic sub-culture.  Coworking spaces are starting to take off in support of digital nomads who need conference rooms and instant community from time to time.  Coworking spaces embody much of the new digital nomad ethos (collaboration, self-organization, open source sharing, etc.)

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Two simple ways to build the community in a coworking space : ask and promote !

Nice post published on the global coworking blog :

Coworking is not just about freelancers sharing desks, chairs, and wi-fi. It’s about connections, interactions, conversations, collaborations. In a word, coworking is about community. Independents working together is a testament to how coworking both fosters and sustains community. And you can help build community by doing two simple things: ask and promote.

1. Ask
Believe it or not, if you ask someone for help in a way that’s respectful of their time and knowledge, you’ll probably make their day! What better way to build community than recognizing the awesomeness in others? […]

2. Promote

[…] We’re not talkin’ about smarmy self-promotion. Oh no. We’re talking about promoting others. As you grow your own business, you can contribute to your coworking community by helping to promote others—in small and big ways. […]

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Coworking in Dresden

Send us a cool video showing your Coworking space in Europe

We already used the website of the Coworking Europe conference to share videos made by Coworking space hosting teams in the Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Ireland, Spain, UK, and so forth…

Do not hesitate to send us the link to cool videos you have produced showing your coworking space, giving a flavour of the ambiance, the location (urban, suburb, rural…) … That’s what Thomas, form Crealoft in Lyon, did. He recommanded us the here bellow video :

You are very much welcome to do the same.

If you like, you may explain (in English, if possible) the philosophy, goals, ambitions, culture, experiences of your space. User testimonies are always very much appreciated as well.

Thomas raised also the question : how can we connect with each other ?

Good point, indeed. We can start with a group on Facebook, no ?

We just opened one. You can join it here

Denmark : the project of a coworking… boat

Henriette Weber lives in Denmark. She runs the social web agency Toothless Tiger. She describes herself as someone who helps companies exist in the conversation between people.

Rather than create a Coworking space on the ground, Henriette had an original idea : to launch a coworking unit on the sea.  frontview

With a group of friends, Henriette is now repairing an old family boat giving it the facelift it deserves.

It is small and for fun. It’s also maybe easier to start such a project in Denmark, a country with long shores and numerous islands, than, let say, Luxembourg. But the coworking boat of Henriette Weber could be inspiring for others aiming to put something more special in their coworking space. After all, London, Paris and Sevilla are divided by rivers, not mentioning Amsterdam.

Here are three questions to Henriette Weber :

Is the boat already operating ?
It’s not operating yet. It’s a boat because I had one handy, and I imagined there was a lot of people who wanted to work on the sea. We are currently getting the engine of the boat fixed and getting a small windmill on there – large enough to power a hub that runs wifi.
What will be the capacity of your coworking boat ?

first coworker/player on coworking boat panIt has a capacity of 4 people and no one is sitting there on a fixed basis.

What is the goal of the project ?

The ambition is to have it up and working for next sailing season (summer 2011)… People are buying shares in the boat, and thereby funding the project.