More than 140 Coworking spaces in Europe : Here is a list

You will meet some of them at the first European conference on Coworking (November 19-20 in Brussels )

Nowadays, there is more than 140 operating Coworking spaces in Europe.

Here bellow is a first list of Coworking spaces, sorted by country. (It is likely that some spaces are missing. Please, do not hesitate to add yours)


Belgium (in progress)

Bulgaria (in progress)

Czech Republic (virtual)



France (cancelled) (in progress) (opening end 2010)





Italy (more than 40 spaces)














The Netherlands


United Kingdom



40 responses to “More than 140 Coworking spaces in Europe : Here is a list

  1. Thanks for this awesome list!

    I’ve got one more for you, located in St. Gallen/Switzerland, which is just emerging: (German)

  2. Here is a comprehensive list of Russian coworking facilities, although only in Russian (already 78 and counting!):
    and more descriptive list overhere:

    thanks for listing my center in Vilnius as well. Hope to come to the conference.

    see you.

  3. Hi we are a new coworking in Padua- Italy. We ‘ll be in bruxelles for the cowoking europe event…so see you …can you list us?… Openstudio coworking, Thanks and bye bye.

  4. Hi Andrea. We added your space to the list.
    Great to have you with us in Brussels 🙂


  5. Hello,

    Please put our space in the list.

    We are COCOWORKING from Pamplona (Spain), and we will open our space next month. We are also attending this event.

    See you in Brussels


  6. @Inaki
    Hello. Do you have a website ?

  7. Hi, we are Toolbox a new coworking in Turin, a big coworking space, can you add us to’ the list? I hope I’ll be in brussels for the great event. See you. Aurelio

  8. Hi Aurelio. We added your space in the list.

    Jean-Yves Huwart

  9. Hi, i signed up for your event.
    Please complete your list with our project, we hope to open our project end of the year. Soon there will be a new coworking in Lyon (France): CreaLoft (
    And one more information (to verify): I think, the Workcamp-project ( has finally stopped. See this page:
    Thanks, Thomas

  10. Hi Thomas
    Great to have you with us in Brussels next month !
    Thank yo for the information about the cancelled Workcamp project. We will remove it from the list. And add Crealoft 🙂


  11. we’ve got opened in Vilnius, Lithuania is no longer in progress, it’s on 🙂

  12. @Mindaugas danys and @Inaki
    We updated the list 🙂

  13. Hi there surfers – 
    we are a new coworking directory focussing especially on the visual side of spaces. We believe since freelancers can work from anywhere and move around a bit, a main criteria for choosing a desk is comfort and ambiance. We are desk fanatics and would love to share our passion with you at Feel free to add your desks, whether they are in a coworking space, an office or a wifi’ed café…

    Hang loose!


  14. Hi there.
    There’s a new coworking space in Florence, part of COWO network.
    22A|22 is either a coworking and a place for events, art performances, meetings.
    Our aim is to expand the same concept of coworking at a wider range, becoming a friendly environment for creatives and professionals to meet, share their experiences, cohollaborate and show their work.We will be at Coworking Europe 2010: meet you there!

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  16. Hey, you’ve missed a very nice one in London

  17. I would like to be there, but I can’t .
    I wish the best for the conference.

    Rosa Montesa

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  19. Here is one more for you, located in Münster, Germany
    produktivhaus | Coworking Space – (German)

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  22. Brand new modern business centre in London. Only £60 per desk per week, and everything is included. Check out the website, or call 0800 321 3834 for more info.

  23. Here is the first coworking space in Istanbul: “Ideapol Cowork” in the centre of Istanbul.

  24. There is a cool new space in Salzburg, Austria:

  25. is a new co-working space in Karakoy, Istanbul.

  26. Hello,
    Could you add in your Spain’s list “utopic_us”, which is one of the biggest coworking place in Madrid ?

    More informations :
    Tel : +34 913 896 690

  27. Hello!
    Walk The Net is a co-Working for e-Marketers in Barcelona. Could you add us to your list, please? 🙂

    More details:
    Contact info: Toni Padrell (

    Thank you 🙂

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  29. Hello,

    we would like to kindly ask you to add our coworking centre Image Office Ltd. Czech Republic and Image Office Ltd. Slovak Republic to your websites.
    Could you please send me more details what to do and what are the conditions for adding the following link to your websites, FB link:

    Thank you for your reply


  30. Thanks for the list! Here is another one that is located in Barcelona, Spain:
    MOB (Makers of Barcelona)
    How can I get it on the list??

  31. Hi there! We have a co-working space in Brussels, Belgium: Very competitive prices! 🙂

  32. Hi there,
    Serious co-working space available now in Romania too. Please add

  33. Hello, could you please add our coworking-space in Berlin: ?
    Greetings, Sarah

  34. Our coworking space is in Marseille from 2007 @laboate
    Happy to meet other spaces in Paris, working together why not?

  35. Hi, it would be perfect if you could add our coworking space the first coworking Space in Tirol to your list

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