Why a first European conference on Coworking ?

Berlin based online magazine Deskmag, one of our media partner, just published an article regarding the goals of the first European conference on Coworking. Here is an excerpt :
Should bureaucrats and bankers start setting up booths in coworking spaces? Jean-Yves Huwart thinks so. The coordinator of Coworking Europe 2010 conference says coworking spaces could become hubs for government agencies and institutions seeking to reach freelance workers and start-up businesses.

“In most cities, there is a lot of help provided by the authorities to starting companies,” Huwart observes, “But you can spend at least two months visiting support bodies for entrepreneurs. What if all those support bodies could gather in one place? At a coworking space. It would save so much time.”

Banks, too, should be interested in having a presence in a location where many young companies sprout. One of the sponsors of the European coworking conference is the Dutch bank ING, which wants to increase its reach to startups. Huwart believes other bankers will follow.

Coworking Spaces as hubs for international contacts

Coworking spaces also have a role to play as nodes of international interaction between small companies wanting to expand. […]

You can read the full article here, on Deskmag’s website


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