Denmark : the project of a coworking… boat

Henriette Weber lives in Denmark. She runs the social web agency Toothless Tiger. She describes herself as someone who helps companies exist in the conversation between people.

Rather than create a Coworking space on the ground, Henriette had an original idea : to launch a coworking unit on the sea.  frontview

With a group of friends, Henriette is now repairing an old family boat giving it the facelift it deserves.

It is small and for fun. It’s also maybe easier to start such a project in Denmark, a country with long shores and numerous islands, than, let say, Luxembourg. But the coworking boat of Henriette Weber could be inspiring for others aiming to put something more special in their coworking space. After all, London, Paris and Sevilla are divided by rivers, not mentioning Amsterdam.

Here are three questions to Henriette Weber :

Is the boat already operating ?
It’s not operating yet. It’s a boat because I had one handy, and I imagined there was a lot of people who wanted to work on the sea. We are currently getting the engine of the boat fixed and getting a small windmill on there – large enough to power a hub that runs wifi.
What will be the capacity of your coworking boat ?

first coworker/player on coworking boat panIt has a capacity of 4 people and no one is sitting there on a fixed basis.

What is the goal of the project ?

The ambition is to have it up and working for next sailing season (summer 2011)… People are buying shares in the boat, and thereby funding the project.

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