Send us a cool video showing your Coworking space in Europe

We already used the website of the Coworking Europe conference to share videos made by Coworking space hosting teams in the Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Ireland, Spain, UK, and so forth…

Do not hesitate to send us the link to cool videos you have produced showing your coworking space, giving a flavour of the ambiance, the location (urban, suburb, rural…) … That’s what Thomas, form Crealoft in Lyon, did. He recommanded us the here bellow video :

You are very much welcome to do the same.

If you like, you may explain (in English, if possible) the philosophy, goals, ambitions, culture, experiences of your space. User testimonies are always very much appreciated as well.

Thomas raised also the question : how can we connect with each other ?

Good point, indeed. We can start with a group on Facebook, no ?

We just opened one. You can join it here


One response to “Send us a cool video showing your Coworking space in Europe

  1. Thanks for opening the opportunity to share 🙂

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