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How do some European Coworking spaces self-promote ?

During the conference, last week, some coworking spaces have brought their folders and promotion materials. Some are very original and inspiring.

Here are examples from The Netherlands, Germany and France.

Nomadz, The Hague

ClubOffice, Berlin

Crealoft, Lyon

ProduktivHaus, Münster


Some thoughts about coworking tweeted during the Coworking Europe 2010 conference

More than 1224 tweets mentioning the  Coworking Europe 2010 hashtag (#coworkingeu) have been posted on Twitter in the last days. It has been a great buzz all around the social network.


Here bellow is a sample of ideas propelled on the social network during  the conference  :

@Phisab “Why is coworking important? Because “transformation happens when social rules about work and property are rewritten (Polanyi)”

@suzannecowork”coworking macht glucklich!” quote by Norman B. from #laspace leipzig. I agree! #coworkingeu”

@jacobsayles “at #coworkingeu: simplicity, clear intentions & culture of trust are crucial”

@westartup “80% of jobs in europe are created by SMEs”

@osimod “why Europeans become entrepreneurs? 1) self-realisation 2) flexibility 3)money #coworkingeu”

@CoworkingCoach “It’s about more than physical space Simon says at #coworkingeu: it comes back to people uniting to work together/care”

@symoneous “#coworkingeu human needs for working are met by co-working spaces”

@jacobsayles “How coworking could be located in future employment trends? #coworkingeu”

@denkens “A coworker does not need a coworking space but other coworkers #coworkingeu”

@fdenkens “Impressive how much the German coworking ‘scene’ is collaborating. Essential for the success of the concept #coworkingeu”

@idearepublic “This 2 days of #coworking could give a massive boost to way we work and live in future #coworkingeu”

olebrussels “Art exhibitions can give provide opportunities to Coworking spaces #coworkingeu”

@westartup “EBN/Philippe Vanrie talking a lot of sense: Gazelles alone don’t a strategy make – we have to build an ecosystem”

@Burooz “Start working together beyond country borders and bring this new way of life to more people out there”

@theworkscz “Serendipity (happy accidents) should be the result (maybe even the goal) of #coworking #coworkingeu”

@Murins “Innovation is social collective colloborative process of creativity. Coworking is a platform for creative conversations #coworkingeu”

@TrevorFSmith “Coworking is not – incubation.  Why would I leave my network for an office with just one company? #coworkingeu”

@coworkingerfurt “#coworkingeu The Coworking Spaces should help the public entities they don’t need the help of the entities. Thanks for that statement”

@cluboffice “Are business centers seeing coworking spaces as a threat to the old way of doing business? #coworkingeu the future of work has started”

@EuropeCoworking “The question today is not how the EU can support coworking it’s how can coworking help the EU”

@CoworkingDE “We need to talk about #coliving not only about infrastructure and tools to build a sustainable #coworking space #coworkingeu”

@fdenkens “Coworking spaces could be the gates to the new economy. #coworkingeu”

@TrevorFSmith “There is a growing number of active healthy communities which share ideas but not rules. #coworkingeu,,TrevorFSmith

@IdeaRepublic “Talk more about the WHY you do coworking and not only about The WHO”

@gregoire “At the community building session – the most important in a coworking space: the kitchen #coworkingeu #foodcamp”

Some of the participants asked us which tool we were using for showcasing all the live tweet during the conference. TweetWallPro is an online service you can use easily just logging in on their website.

Jacob Sayles speaking about the growth and success of coworking in the US

More pictures of Coworking Europe 2010 conference


The German team at Coworking Europe 2010 (c. ClubOffice)


Marcis Rubenis and all the team from Riga

Open Space action plan, with Dave Ruzius (c. Delphine Duriaux, Comptoir Numérique)

Open Space on Coworking (c. Delphine Duriaux, Comptoir Numérique)

Jean-Yves Huwart, Entreprise Globale, co-organiser Coworking Europe 2010 conference

Antoine Van den Bogaert, The Hub Brussels, co-organiser Coworking Europe 2010 conference

Coworking Europe 2010 Organisation Team (almost complete, with Lorna Stokes, Ane San Miguel, Antoine Van den Bogaert, Jean-Yves Huwart)

Mattia Sullini, 22A/22, Florence

Leo Exter, WeStartup, Brussels

Marta E. Martín, Cocoworking Pamplona

Frederik Denkens, Aspace, Antwerp

Jacob Sayles, Office Nomads, Seattle

Manuel Zea, WorksSpace, Madrid

Harald Amelung, Coworking Stuttgart

Suzanne Gerbenzon, Nomadz, The Hague, with Ane San Miguel

Joel Alas, Deskmag

Raines Cohen, CoworkingCoach, San Francisco

All the Coworking Europe 2010 conference’s photo-booth in a lift are on Natalie Hill Flickr Photostream

CoworkingEurope’s French touch (by Gregoire Japiot, Nathanaël Sorin-Richez and Sandrine Benattar)