More pictures of Coworking Europe 2010 conference


The German team at Coworking Europe 2010 (c. ClubOffice)


Marcis Rubenis and all the team from Riga

Open Space action plan, with Dave Ruzius (c. Delphine Duriaux, Comptoir Numérique)

Open Space on Coworking (c. Delphine Duriaux, Comptoir Numérique)

Jean-Yves Huwart, Entreprise Globale, co-organiser Coworking Europe 2010 conference

Antoine Van den Bogaert, The Hub Brussels, co-organiser Coworking Europe 2010 conference

Coworking Europe 2010 Organisation Team (almost complete, with Lorna Stokes, Ane San Miguel, Antoine Van den Bogaert, Jean-Yves Huwart)

Mattia Sullini, 22A/22, Florence

Leo Exter, WeStartup, Brussels

Marta E. Martín, Cocoworking Pamplona

Frederik Denkens, Aspace, Antwerp

Jacob Sayles, Office Nomads, Seattle

Manuel Zea, WorksSpace, Madrid

Harald Amelung, Coworking Stuttgart

Suzanne Gerbenzon, Nomadz, The Hague, with Ane San Miguel

Joel Alas, Deskmag

Raines Cohen, CoworkingCoach, San Francisco

All the Coworking Europe 2010 conference’s photo-booth in a lift are on Natalie Hill Flickr Photostream

2 responses to “More pictures of Coworking Europe 2010 conference

  1. Hey Hub Team & Natalie!
    ¡¡ Que sorpresa nos habéis dado!!.
    Son todas unas fotos fantásticas y muy muy divertidas… but the girl with the black dress and blue tights… she isn´t “Annalisa from OpenStudio Padova” She´s/I´m Marta E. Martín from Cocoworking Pamplona, Spain.
    Thanks!, Merci!, Gracias!, Eskerrik asko! por todo vuestro esfuerzo y dedicación. See you…

  2. Ola Marta. Desculpa por esto.
    We brought the due corrections 🙂
    Thanks a lot for having been with us last week.
    All the best for Cocoworking in Pamplona !!

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