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First visuals of the European Jelly Week

Jelly in Coworking Wuppertal – Report on Regional TV channel WDR (Click here to play de video)

Jelly in Namur (Belgium) – at AWTBE

Logo Jelly at Colab Athens

Coworking0711 Stuttgart  on regional TV broadcaster (play here)

PAX Coworking, Tokyo took part in the Jelly Week as well

Coworking Cologne, Jelly Week, Marshmallow test

Utopic_US and Working Space in Madrid have taken part in the Jelly Week

Jelly in CoCoworking, Pamplona (during conference)

Jelly in The Hub Brussels (organised by

Jelly at Soleilles Cowork, Paris

Do not hesitate to send us more pictures, videos, etc. of your Jelly during the European Jelly Week


38 cities (from 14 different countries) are taking part in the European Jelly Week

Almost 40 cities, from 14 different countries, so far, are taking part in the first European Jelly Week (updated figures).

A message from Anni Roolfs, from Coworking Wuppertal, initiator of the first European Jelly week :

Hi Coworkers all over Europe,

Let’s push the coworking spirit in 2011. In your city. In your
country. On an international level.
We start with the First European Jelly Week from 17.-23.1. Look at
the Google Map and Etherpad who is *already participating:*…

— Vienna: Hub Vienna
— Namur: AWT Building
— Brussels 1: The Hub
— Brussels 2: BetaGroup Coworking. Signup here:
— Louvain-La-Neuve near Brussels: Alternative Business Center
— Anwerp: BurooZ
— Turnhout
— Prague: TheWorks Jelly
— London: The Cube
— Telford: Enterprise HQ
— Ironbridge: Shropshire Jelly
— Paris: coworking for social entrepreneurs and social business activist
— Paris : Soleilles cowork;
— Paris : freestyle jelly (mobilité – nouvelle orga du travail – consommation collaborative) – vendredi 21 14h lieu à confirmer. for more info
— Dijon: Les Docks Numériques
— Lille: CoworkingLille
— Haguenau (67): GreenIvory, the whole team is welcoming you on the 18th.
— Strasbourg (67): CPPlex, 17 rue des magasins 67000 Strasbourg. Catch Yann for more details.
— Nice
— Wuppertal: Coworking Wuppertal @ Rakete:
— Münster: produktivhaus
— Köln: Gasmotorenfabrik
— Stuttgart: Coworking0711
— Dresden: LockSchuppen/ CoWorking Dresden e.V.
[could be in a museum, or elsewhere] (RalfLippold)
— Leipzig: Le Space
— Berlin: Yorck52 – Coworking-Space und veganes Bio-Café
— Berlin: Studio70 –
— Dortmund – Coworking Dortmund
— Düsseldorf: Coworking Space GarageBilk
— Darmstadt: COWO 21
— Athens: Jelly Greece feat. Colab Workspace
— Dublin: AMWorks Dublin
— Cowo Milano/Lambrate –
— Vilnius: Hub Vilnius Coworking
— The Hague: Nomadz Coworking
— Madrid: utopic_US. Usina de Transformación Creativa –
— Madrid: Working Space Madrid
— Tokyo : Pax Coworking
Not yet in the Google Map, but willing to participate. Please sign also up
in the google map and put the name of your place and country on this list:
M O R E   I N F O R M A T I O N S

about the jelly week and the participants:!/event.php?eid=179549945394185!/home.php?sk=group_113509915379940&ap=1
Anni Roolf
Are there any other places and communities *jumping on in the last
minute?* Participating is simple: Put your place, date and program
into Google Map and Etherpad.

Everybody is invited to come to all of the events! Let’s explore the
european coworking community! And let’s push your local coworking
community at the same time!

*What will happen during the jelly week? *There are places who are
organizing a one day or a even a one week event. Some places are
also creating a program with speeches, workshops and coworking
dinners. If you have ideas to connect the participating locations in
Europe, put them also in the Etherpad!

Best wishes, Anni

PS: This idea was born on the First European Coworking Conference in
November in Brussels. It’s only a first step to create a strong
international network …

Interview of Jacob Sayles (Office Nomads, Seattle) : “”Coworking cultivates innovation, it doesn’t manufacture it”