First visuals of the European Jelly Week

Jelly in Coworking Wuppertal – Report on Regional TV channel WDR (Click here to play de video)

Jelly in Namur (Belgium) – at AWTBE

Logo Jelly at Colab Athens

Coworking0711 Stuttgart  on regional TV broadcaster (play here)

PAX Coworking, Tokyo took part in the Jelly Week as well

Coworking Cologne, Jelly Week, Marshmallow test

Utopic_US and Working Space in Madrid have taken part in the Jelly Week

Jelly in CoCoworking, Pamplona (during conference)

Jelly in The Hub Brussels (organised by

Jelly at Soleilles Cowork, Paris

Do not hesitate to send us more pictures, videos, etc. of your Jelly during the European Jelly Week


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