“The number of coworking spaces could easily double in our city”

Liz Elsam is the founder of Link Coworking, a coworking space based in Austin, Texas.

According to Liz, the number of Coworking spaces in the city could easily double in the middle term, to reach more than 25 units.

“We already see a kind of specialisation of each coworking spaces, according to, a.o., age or gender. Other spaces, for instance, have an audience more focused on techies and web developpers”, observes Liz Elsam.

The proportion of freelances and contingent workers increases among the working population in the US.

As a consequence, the coworking market is going to grow steadily in the years to come, predicts observers. In Austin as well as in North America in general.

In Europe, there is no reason we should think  similar changes in the workforce distribution won’t support, in the near future, the development of the coworking market either.


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