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The 1st Coworking Germany Barcamp takes place on July 8-10 in Wuppertal

Morning Everybody, who has joined the Cowo Conference in Brussels and the Jelly Week in January, we want to invite you all to our 1st Coworking Germany Barcamp in one month.

We would be very happy, if you guys could come and if you send us your
proposals for presentations, workshops or open discussions.


You find some press information attached, also about the second idea:
Here you can also participate, even if you don’t come to our barcamp.


Our Barcamp will be the starting point of a touring exhibition — with the next stop on the Coworking
Europe Conference Berlin in November. And perhaps a second stop in your country? We hope,
you like this project and spread the word within the coworking community. This would be so great!
We need pictures in high resolution (more details in the press information).

Best, Anni (Conference Organizer for Coworking Wuppertal)

PS: The source of the pictures in the directory “Material Call for Coworking Pictures”

is deskmag. You can use it to spread the word, if you mention this source.