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We are very proud to disclose the Thursday program of the Coworking Europe 2011 conference

We are very proud to disclose the program for the first day of the Coworking Europe 2011 conference, in Berlin (November 3-4-5) !

We expect exciting keynotes, debates, contribution and networking within the coworking community as well as between the coworking community and potential coworking stakeholders, such as cities, employers, innovation bodies, etc.

Just have a look :

10.00 : Welcome and Registration

10.30 : Introduction – Presentation of the conference and goals
– Conference organisers : Global Enterprise, Club Office, BetaHaus (Belgium, Germany)

10.45 : Taking coworking the next level : it’s all about community ! – Alex Hillman, IndyHall, Philadelphia (US)

11.05 : Presentation of the Coworking Europe Survey 2011 : Thousands of entrepreneurs and  free lances- Deskmag (Germany)

11.20 :  The State of the independent worker in Europe, the US and elsewhere – Carolyn Ockels and Steve King, Emergent Research, San Francisco (US)

11.35 : Gen Y, self-achievement, open collaboration, sustainable development… why Coworking fits with the rising  values of the society

11.50 : Coworking, entreprise 2.0 and intrapreneurship – The next Google, Starbucks or Facebook will start out of a coworking space

12.10 : Why are cities investing in coworking ? Berlin city (Germany)

12.25 : Why universities should partner with coworking spaces ? Juho Hyytiäinen, Aalto Venture Garage (Aalto University, Finland)

12.40 : Coworking Globalisation : The promisses of Coworking for China and Coworking as a gateway between Chinese and European entrepreneurs/innovators – Liu Yan, Xindanwei Coworking Space, Shanghai (China)

13.00 : Pause- Lunch

14.15 : How collaborative working is changing the way office spaces are designed – Oliver Marlow, Tilt Studio, London (UK)

14.35 : Coworking for Creative Industries – Utopic.Us (Madrid) + Manuel Zea, Coworking Spain

14.55 : Could coworking become the future of working in corporation ? – Eric van Den Broek, Mutinerie, Paris (France)

15.15 : Corporation : why our employees in innovation processes work in a coworking space ? – Christoph Giesa, Otto Group, Hamburg

15.35 : From the traditional meeting room renting business towards serendipity : a professionally run chain that has shift from the old to the new world – Ronald Van de Hoff, Seats2Meet, Utrecht (The Netherlands)

15.55 : Is there competition between business centers, incubators and coworking spaces ? – Panel

– Sean McSimon, Club Office

–  Incubator

–  Ronald Van den Hoff , Seats2Meet

16.35 : Pause

17.05 : Workshop

Workshop 1 – Coworking and Innovation

– Aalto University Venture Garage (Finland)

– Philippe Verstichel, Entreprise Globale (Belgium)

– Peter Schreck, Idea Republic (Germany)

Workshop 2 – Getting out of the crisis thanks to coworking

– Anna Klementz, Loffice, Budapest (Hungary)

– Alexandre Kahn or Marianne Wehbe, CoCoAthens (Greece)

– Coworking Tunisia

17.55 : Pause

18.00 : Panel – Business models, community, independance… : expected challenges for the coworking movement ?

18.30-18.50 : Q&A

19.00 : Cocktail and lunch

And have a look at the Friday and Saturday programs, for the Coworking Camp. We hope that you won’t be disappointed, either.


Coworking in Latvia

Coworking Europe 2011 conference video teaser