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More and more people want to become independent workers and they enjoy it !

Emergent Research will be speaking at the Coworking Europe 2011 conference, on November 3rd.

For the last 6 months, Emergent Research has been partnering with MBO Partners on a deep dive research project on independent workers – freelancers, contractors, temps, solopreneurs, etc.

Among their findings, they observed that 55% of independent workers in the US say it’s their proactive choice to become independent. ¬†Relatively few (15%)
said it was entirely due to factors beyond their control (job loss,

Based on the huge shift in values in the working world, we can assume that the trend in Europe is similar. In the Netherlands, Ronald van den Hoff, from Seats2meet (who will be a speaker at the Coworking Europe 2011 conference as well), the percentage of independent workers in the economy could jump from 9% to … 40%, in the very long term.

Coworking will definitely play a role ito support that evolution…


A coworking space in Almaty, Kazakhstan

Coworking is spreading all around the world. Look at this new space in Almaty, Kazakhstan (via Alex Hillman).