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Design, revenue generation, community management/building, local integration and more discussed at the Coworking Europe 2012 Conference

Here are some news with respect to the Coworking Europe 2012 Conference, which takes place in Paris on November 8-9-10th.

The list of the confirmed speakers is getting longer, with very exciting testimonials and experiences to be told about. 

  • Eze Vidra will tell us about the Google Coworking Campus in London.
  • Edgar Gonzales will speak about the Madrid coworking design contest.
  • Paris’ coworking spaces catalysts will share some of their community management/building best tips.
  • Michel Mooij will explain how the New World of Working movement is reshaping the working landscape in The Netherlands and how coworking has a role to play in it.
  • Real estate experts will provide with some insights.
  • We will hear about the huge Las Vegas Coworking project funded by Zappos, Jennifer Magnolfi, head of the project
  • How coworking can support young entrepreneurs in a time of crises with a testimonial from Athens, Greece
  • And many more

Besides giving the word to very inspirational keynote speakers, the Coworking Europe 2012 conference also intends to explore and discuss best practices on very practical issues such as :

  • fix desk or hot desking ?
  • which role for the public sector ?
  • local ecosystem support
  • real estate negociation
  • managing different type of audiences (freelancers, nomad workers, entrepreneurs, artists,…)
  • etc.


  • a full day of Unconference
  • a Tour of the Paris Coworking spaces
  • two collective workshops on “Revenue diversification” and “Coworking Space design”

We expect 300 attendees next fall in the French capital city.

Will you be one of us ?

Coworking Europe Conference 2012

(organized by Global Enterprise, La Fonderie, ARD with the support of Deskmag)