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A research project on coworking launched in the US. Europe should come with some data as well !

Emergent Research and Society for New Communications Research are starting a american study on coworking in the US, tells Working Labs, the blog of the initiative.

So far, more than 250 coworking spaces have opened in the United States. Nowadays, all major American cities have one or several coworking spaces operating. And more are coming every day.

The goal of the coworking research project is to identify how significant coworking is in America today and what role coworking plays for freelance and independent workers, mobile workers, and small businesses.  The project will also examine the role coworking facilites play in small business formation and incubation, says Coworking Labs.

The American coworking study project has 4 phases:

1.  Census of U.S. Coworking Facilities

2.  Facility and User Surveys and Interviews

3.  Coworking’s Role in Starting and Incubating Businesses

4.  Coworking and Social Media

Learn more about the Coworking study project here

Definitely, Europe should come, as well, with datas about the growth of the Coworking movement on the continent. New coworking spaces are opening up every week. Many projects are already announced in Lyon, Erfurt, and elsewhere.

Coworking Europe 2010 conference has the aim to collect data and testimonies to offer a first broad panorama of Coworking in Europe.

Do not forget to register 🙂


“How do we want to live and work” – a presentation via BetaHaus Sofia

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