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The Wall Street Journal, VC’s, the real estate business, Madagascar… More and more players are interested in Coworking

Here is what the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) wrote  in an article about Coworking, last week:

“Owners of stodgier office spaces are tearing up their floor plans to chase the market. Earlier this year, a building at 115 Sansome St., in downtown San Francisco, started remodeling for a more flexible layout to appeal to high-tech start-ups.

“We are transforming this project because we think we will achieve greater demand for the space as well as higher rents than could be attained by maintaining the traditional office space,” says John Winther, founder and managing partner of Emeryville, Calif.-based Harvest Properties, which is leasing the building.

More and more people, business organisations or public bodies are interested in the development of Coworking.

Companies are choosing alternative workspace strategies, reported CNBC, for instance, a few days ago.

This month, a Real Estate convention held by CBRE underlined the rising importance of mobile working and of coworking for the Real Estate business (thanks Marc Gilbreath, LiquidSpace, for the information).

Besides, Venture Capital firms are nowadays investing in coworking facilities and tools (cfr General Assembly or LooseCubes, rencently).

In brief, “Money man are taking notes” of what is happening in the coworking workd, anaysed Gigaom in a recent post.

Indeed, so far, regarding this new trend, the US seems ahead of Europe. However, European operators could catch up pretty fast.

And so will the rest of the world, most likely. In Asia, South America or Africa. In Madagascar, for instance, the blogging community strongly pushes to develop the coworking movement on the island.


The impact of Coworking on capitalism

True capitalism as about independence, so one more person that is creating their own economy is one more person contributing to other businesses and creating economic flow […] Coworking spaces are a great breeding ground for true capitalism, you see the members at THECUBE London, exchanging services, generating connections, all whilst maintaining their economic independence. The entrepreneurs in the space may not be the next Donald Trump, however they are contributing to each other’s economy and taking positive steps into creating sustainable and strong businesses.

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