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CoWo project (Italy) is supporting the Coworking Europe 2010 conference

The CoWo project is likely the largest Coworking network in Italy. CoWo has at least 40 affiliated spaces in the country.

As WebWorkerDaily has recently noticed, the European scene on coworking seems to be as interesting as the North American one, were coworking was born.

In this respect, we have received an invitation that gave us a great pleasure, for two reasons: one, for having the possibility to be part of an important event, two, for the general interest that coworking is raising (only two years ago, in the first days of Cowo, such a thing would have been totally unthinkable).

The coworking community is grateful to those effort in organizing the event and giving the Coworking Community the boost it deserves with Coworking Europe 2010 – The first European Conference on Coworking. [more here]

Thank you Massimo and others for this support. We look forward to meet the CoWo people in Brussels, next November.


Cowo : coworking in Milano and elsewhere in Italy