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Insight from Cologne: Fab Lab & Coworking

The growing nomadic sub-culture

Ryan Jones works for a big corporation located in Switzerland. He uses to blog about marketing, society and culture. He recently visited a coworking space in Stuttgart, Germany. This visit inspired him the following post :Life after the cubicle

In today’s working world, you just might wake up one day and find yourself in a digitally nomadic sub-culture, mingling with entrepreneurs who work out of high tech back packs instead of high rise offices.

The term digital nomad has been around for quite a while.  Forward thinking authors have prophesied about the totally mobile worker for at least 20+ years.  With mobile technology rapidly advancing & companies becoming more open & flexible, we’re just now starting to see “digital nomadism” leak out into the mainstream.

Inspiration, Tribes & Space on Demand

Crazy companies like Hubculture, Worksnug or The Hub are springing up to support the rising digitally nomadic sub-culture.  Coworking spaces are starting to take off in support of digital nomads who need conference rooms and instant community from time to time.  Coworking spaces embody much of the new digital nomad ethos (collaboration, self-organization, open source sharing, etc.)

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Coworking is not limited to Tech Hubs

As the internet has become a more omnipresent force in our lives, the desire to find settings for real human contact has likewise increased. The last few years have seen an explosion of co-working spaces, and the recognized value of physical proximity has increasingly jumped into the world of startup funding.

Thus far, coworking has been largely centered in places like San Francisco and New York City with a high number of independent, creative professionals. As more and more of the economy goes digital and more and more people turn to self-employment, I believe that you’ll see these spaces outside of those tech hubs, as well.

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Oasis Global Network : a view of Coworking in Finland