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“When you’re starting out, you should absolutely not be spending money on renting a full office space”

Finding the right workspace is like dating — the Internet has made it a lot more complex. In essence, this means more options. Whereas the traditional office once served as the default choice for effective communication and collaboration between coworkers, today’s businesses can be just as productive by collaborating on the web. Entrepreneurs operate from coffee shops, kitchen tables, and coworking spaces.

Media Channel interviewed three entrepreneurs on where an starter should go to begins with a new activity.

According to Jason Fried, the founder of web-based software company 37signals, “when you’re starting out, you should absolutely not be spending money on rent [ing a full office space]. It’s a huge waste of money.”

Solution : find a proper coworking space.

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Co-Working Makes Sense for Small Businesses

Being the owner of a small business often means spending your time working on projects outside of your talent. While an owner should seek to understand all aspects of his business early in its development, spending too much time on the aspects he doesn’t excel at can be a massive inefficiency and stunt the business’ growth. By leveraging a community of business owners with similar issues, these inefficiencies can be minimized through collaboration. Making this collaboration efficient and easy will be the future of co-working.

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